Tattoo Industry Response and Plan to Post-COVID-19 Reopening

Please accept our policies and procedures outlaying how our industry has responded to operating in post-COVID-19 British Columbia. These enhanced policies and procedures are in addition to our existing standards and practices in accordance with Vancouver Island Health Authority and WorkSafe BC.

In an effort to streamline these changes in this proposal, we have divided them into four categories.

For the purpose of this document, “Service Provider” may include, tattooer, body piercer, laser tattoo removal technician, cosmetic tattooer or employee.

Social Distancing Plan

• Clients will be notified about change of procedures for in-store services by email, phone or social media.

• Entry to studio will be controlled based on studio size to enforce appropriate physical distancing.

• Customer consultations will be done virtually/remotely/online to reduce unnecessary visits into the studio.

• Appointments will be staggered for adherence to recommended physical distancing guidelines, and adequate time will be given between appointments to ensure no client overlap.

• Release forms may be signed online to reduce handling of surfaces in studio.

• No guests/friends/family/spectators allowed with client receiving service. In regards to those requiring assistance, an exception will be made allowing one guardian/caregiver.

• Traffic lines of client flow to procedure areas will be clearly marked. Social distancing areas of potential congestion may also be marked.

• There will be a minimum of two metres between all service/operational stations, with any stations that fall within that area closed off.

• Service providers on site will be limited to a minimum.

• All service providers must avoid shaking hands with clients; instead offer a non-contact greeting.

Administrative Controls

• We will ensure service providers are in good health with no symptoms of COVID-19 and have not travelled by air or out of province for 14 days.

• We will ensure clients are in good health with no symptoms of COVID-19 and have not travelled by air or out of province for 14 days, nor live with someone in the same household as a confirmed clinical COVID-19 case who is self-isolating, at the time of booking appointment and prior to entering the studio for said appointment.

• Studios will be open by appointment only.

• Food and drink are not permitted in the studio.

• Revised client release forms will affirm that there are no symptoms of COVID-19.

• Waivers/release forms may be revised, or an amendment added.

• We will conduct client follows up at 3-5 days following a service/procedure to check on the health of the client.

• Service providers will continue to clean and disinfect all environmental surfaces and multi-touch devices with appropriate disinfectants before and after daily opening to the public, after each client interaction, and by schedule.

• We will maintain and monitor a daily schedule and sign-off sheet for cleaning.

• Service providers will continue to utilize disposable barriers for work surfaces, client areas, and for application equipment, including machine and clipcord bags, drape sheets, dental bibs etc.

• All supplies and other critical items will continue to be handled and stored in a safe way.

• Clutter in client waiting areas, such as magazines, portfolios and any other regularly handled item, will be removed.

• All multi-touch surfaces will be disinfected throughout the day by schedule.

• Clients and service provider will submit to temperature checks if required.

• Clients must wash hands or use sanitizer upon entry to studio and to procedural rooms/spaces.

• Clients are encouraged to pay by card,or PayPal. Cash will be accepted but no change will be given to reduce potential for contamination.

• Service provider hands are to be washed before and after any procedures.

• Employers are responsible for informing service providers of new developments in information and procedural changes.

• Should a service provider develop symptoms at work, we will gather together the names of the clients they’ve worked with and contact our local department of health. Each employer will have an emergency contact for every service provider in such a case. Service provider should immediately be sent home and should call HealthLink BC.

• Reducing Head/neck/facial procedures are at the discretion of the service provider.

• We will not re-use booking cards, or hand out business cards.

• We shall post signage including occupancy limits and effective hygiene practices within studios.

• Ventilation will be increased to exchange inside and outside air by opening windows or adjusting air conditioning.

• All service providers will acknowledge an understanding of and compliance with these additional policies by signing a formal document.

Engineering Controls

• Clients will be provided an opportunity to store personal items away from service areas, in a sanitized storage bin. Clients are to take with them all belongings following completion of service.

• Outdoor signage will be posted listing procedure and protocols for clients and the public.

• Sanitizer stations will be located at the entrance and in all procedural rooms/spaces.

• In areas where physical distancing cannot be maintained (i.e. a front desk), plexi-glass barriers or partitions are to be installed.

Personal Protective Equipment

• Service providers and clients must immediately don masks upon entry to the studio, due to the proximity of service provider and individual. If client does not have one, they will be provided with a mask.

• Service providers will wear PPE that protects their mouth, eyes and body/clothing from potential contamination. This includes, but is not limited to, gloves, sleeve protectors, masks, face shields, protective eyewear, aprons etc.

• Service providers will follow appropriate standards for the disposal of PPE.

Please Email if you have any questions or concerns regarding these protocols.