FAQ | Aftercare


*When using  SANIDERM to heal your tattoo, leave it on for a Minimum of 3 Days to a Maximum of 5 days.

* If your bandage starts to leak within 24 hours of application, come back for a new bandage.
*On the 5th day carefully remove SANIDERM bandage in the shower . With clean hands wash your tattoo with unscented mild soap and warm water. Pat dry with a towel.

*Moisturize your tattoo with a small amount of lotion twice a day for at least two weeks after removing the SANIDERM.

*Do not leave bandage on if it’s leaking. If fluid can get out, bacteria can get in and cause an infection.



First Day:

*Leave bandage on for a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 8 hours. Do not leave on overnight!

*Remove the bandage and throw away. Do not re-apply another, you don’t need it.

*Wash your hands and then with your finger tips, wash your tattoo thoroughly with a mild unscented soap and warm water. Pat it dry with paper towel.

*With a clean finger, apply a small amount of lotion to your tattoo and rub it in. Use as little as possible.

During the next two weeks:

*Wash your tattoo once a day in the shower with your fingertips and unscented soap. Do not let the shower water hit the tattoo directly. After your shower, pat your tattoo dry and then apply a SMALL amount of lotion and rub it in thoroughly.

*After about 3 days some small scabs/flakes may appear on the tattoo…DO NOT PICK THEM!

*When your tattoo starts to itch and feels tight/dry, apply a tiny drop of lotion with clean hands and rub it in thoroughly. Do not leave excess lotion on your tattoo or it will cause big scabs, which in turn will pull the colour out of your tattoo.

*Over application of lotion will ruin your tattoo so be sparing when applying lotion. No more than 2 or 3  times a day is usually sufficient if there are scabs/flakes present.

*If you put too little lotion on, your tattoo will crack open and bleed.

*After 7-10 days most, if not all, of the flaking  should be done and you will only need to apply the lotion as needed (when it feels dry and itchy.)



*Proper Aftercare of your tattoo is the difference between a good heal and a bad heal, follow the advice of your artist. If you chose to ignore our aftercare and listen to your friends “healing advice” we will not provide a free touch up.

*Do NOT pick or scratch your healing tattoo, you will lose colour and ruin your tattoo.

*Showers are ok, but DO NOT not soak your tattoo for 4 weeks. No baths, No hot tubs, No swimming!

*Do not expose your tattoo to the sun (No sunbathing or tanning beds) for at least 4 weeks.

*Keep your tattoo clean and don’t let people touch it during the healing period.

*Wear clean, loose, cotton clothing while healing. Avoid wool and tight synthetic fabrics.

*After the tattoo is healed use the highest SPF sunblock or a zinc lotion/zinc chapstick to ensure your tattoo doesn’t fade prematurely.  SUNBLOCK NEEDS TO BE APPLIED TO YOUR TATTOO EVERY 20 MINUTES OR AFTER SWIMMING TO ENSURE PROPER COVERAGE!

*Good lotions to use are: Lubriderm, Glaxal Base or Glysomed… All Unscented.

*Most importantly…. Enjoy your new Art!

Our minimum charge is $100 for anything 45 minutes or less.  We are $150 per hour.


YES! Deposits are required for ALL appointments and are NON REFUNDABLE, no exceptions.
Consider the deposit as our guarantee that you are serious about getting tattooed and not wasting our time.  This is our job and we treat it seriously, if you decide to chicken out last minute we don’t get paid for that time booked, the deposit ensures you are serious about getting tattooed. Deposits come off the  cost of the final session of your tattoo.  Deposits can be paid in person at the studio, by etransfer or through paypal. 


We do not gives quotes over the phone or through emails. There are too many variables to consider such as size, details, placement and colours. For these reasons we ask you to come in for a FREE consultation.


We require consultations on most if not all tattoos. Consultations are our way of ensuring  we understand the specifics of your request and you get the exact tattoo you want. They allow us to to get a better feel of the design you are looking to get done.  In certain circumstances we will do consultations through email for out of town clients, but prefer if you can come in for the consult. 
Consultations can be made by calling us @250-585-7771 or coming in to the shop.


We are usually booking tattoo appointments two weeks to a month in advance so be sure to plan accordingly.  Cancellations periodically happen and we will post that we have free time when they do. 


We are a custom studio. What that means is, we take your reference and design ideas and create a one of a kind tattoo that is yours and only yours at no extra charge. We do not steal other people’s tattoo designs so we will not tattoo an exact copy of the pinterest tattoo you found. Nothing worse than running into multiple strangers who have the EXACT same pinterest tattoo as you.
We do have Flash designs available at slightly discounted rates if you don’t mind having the same tattoo as someone else.
You are welcome to bring a design in that your  friend , relative  or you drew but please know that if we say the design isn’t tattooable in it’s current state we are only trying to save you from ending up with blob of a tattoo over time. We will offer to use it as reference but make it so it doesn’t turn into a blob immediately.  Unfortunately art on paper does not always translate well to organic matter like skin due to skin’s constant changing.



* Be well rested for your appointment.

* Make sure to eat a good meal within an hour before your tattoo appointment,  you are more likely to pass out or throw up if you don’t. Having a piece of toast 5 hours before your appointment does not count.
No, we can not tattoo you while passed out!!

* Do NOT consume alcohol 24 hours before your tattoo. This causes blood thinning and excessive bleeding during  tattooing.  We can not tattoo you if you are bleeding excessively because it pushes the ink right back out. If you are bleeding excessively we will cut the appointment short and ask that you come back at a later date to finish the tattoo and to ensure the quality of your tattoo.

* Cancellations must be made 24 to 48 hours in advance or you will lose your deposit. We can not book anyone else in your spot if you cancel last minute.

* Failure to show up or being more than 20 minutes late for your appointment will result in a forfeited deposit.

* We offer one free touch up within 6 months of the initial appointment. You must come in and show us your healed tattoo in order to book a touch up.

* We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. Most importantly if you are unruly, rude, abusive, under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if you ask for any racist or oppressive symbols/subject matter.

*Yes tattoos hurt.  Areas such as ribs, feet, hands and neck are a little more spicy than places such as forearms/shoulders or ankles. Some people have a higher threshold for pain and may not think it is that bad. It is more annoying than painful, but it certainly does NOT feel like fluffy puppy dog kisses!

*We do not offer piercings, we are a tattoo only studio.

*NO animals or children allowed on the premises.